Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wedding Album

Hey, I have added this album to Simon's Anything Goes contest they are having this week. Also crafting for all seasons as well. I thought I would add a beautiful wedding album I did a few months ago. I really love how this book came together with a new binding technique. The pages flip open so flat. This new technique is one I wish to use more often. I love the colours and the inserts. I used my spellbinders machines to make a lot of mats. I love the embossed edges! I can't wait to make another album like this one! It is hard to believe this one was another "made from scratch" album. It was quite time consuming because of how big it is. I enjoyed making it and pretty much used it most of the pink/purple paper I have! This is from Kathy Orta, but I changed up a lot of things from her original idea. I love the pockets and the paper. In this wedding album, I didn't want to over embellish the pages, as the paper and the photos would be doing that.
This page to the left opens up and has pockets as seen in the next photo.
All the white mats are made with spellbinders dies. They are so simple but because they are white, make it that more elegant.
Again I didn't want to over embellish the pages, I figured there would be a lot of pictures. I also liked to use quieter paper so she could journal beside the pictures.
I made a ton of extra mats for her to either journal or to place pictures on. I didn't want to "direct" how she was going to keep her memories, but I wanted to give her lots of opportunities to display them!
I love this flower ribbon down the spine. It really adds a touch of sweetness. The lace helped wrap around the spine as well covering up any cracking from wrapping the chipboard.

Long time no post!

Well, life has been so busy. For this week's contest at Simon's, we have to show a word. Also check out little darlings too! Well who's favourite word isn't "LOVE". I like the paper around the spine saying I love you. This is a round spine album I made. It is a present for the lady who helped bring us "Iris", our service dog for my son! I really like this type of round binding edge. It is so easy to do and it looks nice. This is another paper bag album. I liked how it all came together. Check out the pics!